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About Koala B2B

Why Koala B2B?

While Koalas are cute and cuddly, there's nothing cute about poor leads for your business. Koala B2B came about from the process of our journey to deliver genuinely warmed leads, and power our clients growth. Here's how we do it...



Koala B2B has a leadership team steeped in publishing, data, and lead generation history. We've presided over around £70M worth of leads, and helped power businesses across tech, finance, construction, automotive and marketing sectors to name a few.

With many years at Dennis Publishing, and latterly at Future Publishing PLC, we've developed great experience understanding changing client requirements and leading teams to sell, market and deliver cutting edge solutions.

We've a black book that spans the entirety of the industry and contacts across multiple sectors that enable us to make things happen and get things moving for you.

And we've an in-house team of delivery experts, people who have sifted through hundreds of thousands of leads and know exactly what a good lead looks like.

Our Values

Time Is Precious

We believe we'd all have better lives if we could transact with more accuracy, speaking to people when they want to be spoken to, about things they're interested in.


We help valuable sellers find valued customers. Sales shouldn't be a battle, if the fit is genuine.

Full Disclosure

Koala understands the importance of comprehensive lead data and delivers it.

Crisis Logo

Having lived in London for over 20 years, and been energised by the bustling nature of one of the greatest cities in in the world, it's impossible not to have encountered homelessness. We're always struck by how such a vibrant, modern and wealthy city can see homelessness exist in such numbers and we aim to help. Koala's can sleep in any tree they like but people shouldn't have to sleep on the street. Crisis is our charity partner and we're committing to sharing a donation from profits each year.