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How It Works

Commercial Model

We operate on a Cost-Per-Lead model. We only charge per lead that ticks all the boxes.

  • Prioritised from the intent-data driven Target Account List.
  • Engaged with your content and messaging.
  • Consented for you to follow up the conversation.
  • Validated and routed directly to your CRM (or shared securely in a sheet).

This means we reduce the risk of your investment by ensuring we provide warmed leads within the universe of your client base. Whilst there is a minimum spend limit to make the whole process worthwhile, we're flexible on rejections that don't meet the above criteria and charge you on completion of the campaign.

Does your current marketing activity generate leads that are not quite hitting the mark?


Koala B2B ensures we provide leads within your universe of clients. Warmer, more engaged and hitting your ideal customer profile.